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Walking And Mountain

You can go hiking on the farm, a nice walk that passes through it to the top of the Peak of the Lazarus and discover from our private viewing the magnificent views that stretch from the coast of Punta del Hidalgo Low tide and on Tegueste and Tejina plateau surrounding the valley of vineyards near the Anaga rural Park, from where they leave many routes where visitors can enjoy nature at its best state.

Finca El Picacho Training

 Randonnée, traits verticaux, alpinisme et l’escalade.

The specialist champion in mountain races in Spain Iñigo Lariz Azkue stays some days in the rural house and he trains in the private circuit of the El Picacho property for his participation in the Atalaya Vertical Trail 2014 race in Tejina locality ,La Laguna-Tenerife municipaly.

The Path The Senses

In the Anaga Rural Park, you will be able to enjoy a very special experience, getting to know the laurel forest in a way that is completely unlike what you have always done in the past. Give free rein to your sensitivity and let yourself be carried away by the path that we are proposing. We invite you to discover the secrets hidden within the laurisilva with each one of your senses.

The footpath is in what was traditionally known as Las Montañas, in the Anaga Rural Park. This park occupies a large part of the mountainous massif located in the extreme north-east of the Island of Tenerife.

With an area of 14,419 hectares (35,600 acres), the Anaga Rural Park is located in the municipal districts of La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Tegueste. It is a rugged area with exceptional natural and cultural treasures, which has very harmonious and beautiful landscapes, which are the fruit of the coexistence of the human being and nature in a wild territory.

To be exact, the path starts at Cruz del Carmen, which is where the visitors’ centre is located. Here you can obtain full information about an area whose bio-diversity is unique in Europe. Come and see it.


Characteristics and Route.

The path of senses follows the old road that connected the houses of Anaga with La Laguna. Sections of the old route have been restored to encourage you to experience the many facets of the forest; the diverse textures, the colours, the smells and sounds from the very heart of the forest. Let each of your senses be your guide as you follow our recommendations and enjoy the smells, colours and sounds of the forest.
You will be able to follow three different paths through the forest each of which will stimulate the senses.

1. Awaken your senses
Enjoy the humidity and smells of the forest.
There is a runway and a small terrace which has been adapted for the disabled.
Length: 340 m Difficulty level: low
Uneven ground: 6 m.

2. Be amazed
The route is circular and crosses the old road to Las Montañas. You will see where steps have
been cut into the path. There is also a bridge and a high runway
Length: 544 m Difficulty level: low
Uneven ground: 20 m.

3. What the ever-green forest has to hide
Discover the secret that the forest hides using your senses. This route, also circular is uphill and ramped with steps. It reaches
the viewpoint at Llano de Los Loros.
Uneven ground: 6 m
Length: 340 m Difficulty level: low

2. The Sendero Sendero de los Sentidos Projet.

The footpath of the senses project is the result of collaboration between Turismo de Tenerife and the Department of Sustainability, Territory and the Environment of the Tenerife Island Authority (through the Management Office of the Anaga Rural Park).

It aims to:
– Bring the conventional tourist nearer to Tenerife’s active leisure options.
– Promote new tourism products and services
– Highlight local resources

It is part of the Revitalisation Plan for the tourism product, Tenerife Acoge, and it is financed by FEDER funds.

Why the Senses.

The best way to capture the magic of the mountain woodlands is to get close to them, explore them and perceive them for yourself, through your own sensitivity.

If you walk in silence, enjoying your sensations, you will have some very personal experiences.

Afterwards it will be easier for you to understand how unusual this very ancient forest is, a relic from millions of years ago, with so many unique species.

You will be able to better understand the history and customs of these places, of this pathway, the communication route from the Montañas de Anaga to the City of La Laguna.

It has been our wish to ensure that, at least in part, this should be a footpath accessible to all. It is adapted for persons of limited mobility but it is an invitation for every one of us to contemplate and sense the mountain in a different way.

 A Dynamic Project.

The sendero de los sentidos is an open project, which aims not only to diversify and improve the way in which we feel and understand the countryside but it also aims to be a way of bringing people closer to the management of a piece of natural and cultural heritage: the Anaga Rural Park.

In this first phase, you can use the footpath freely, attending to certain guidelines.

There are currently two modes of use:

– The self-guided itinerary: using the leaflet and being guided by the signs and notices.
– The guided itinerary: we are working so that you can book through the   Cruz del Carmen Visitors’ Centre.

Soon, through the Visitors’ Centre and the future Cruz del Carmen Service Multi-Store you will be able to buy other themed guides (booklets, thematic guides, audio-guides…) so that you can find out more about the natural and cultural heritage of the park, or as a memento of your visit.

This is also a project to which you can contribute. You can do so through the volunteer programme of the Anaga Rural Park.

You can take part in specific actions for conserving the natural and cultural heritage of the Anaga Rural Park: recuperation of footpaths, traditional routes, recovery of the oral tradition, actions of reforestation, etc.

 Guidelines for use of the Footpath. General recommendations.

The moist trade winds can make you feel quite cold so please bring some warm clothing.
Remember you are going through a very fragile environment. Please, walk through signposted routes and neither pull-up nor cut plants or any other natural element. If you touch any marked element, please do it carefully. Take with you all garbage, even organic waste. Even though the route is short, be at least accompanied by one person; wear appropriated clothes and shoes for trekking, as well as a hat, solar lotion and a slicker in case to be needed. When the path is wet you may find useful the use of a trekking pole. Carry some water with you.