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Seal Islas Canarias Volcanic Experience

The volcanic diversity that exists in the Canary Islands is a reality shown by the special conditions of each island; but on each of them, based around their volcanoes, there is also a unique world reflected in the gastronomy, cultivated landscapes, vineyards, country paths, charming accommodation and extraordinary activities in the open air, such as star gazing in the clear skies.

What is Islas Canarias Volcanic Experience?

Islas Canarias Volcanic Experience is the brand of quality that distinguishes the islands as the favourite destination for those who want to really enjoy nature and life in a way that is respectful of the environment and is sustainable for the local population.

Islas Canarias Volcanic Experience guarantees the quality of the global range of tourist services that the Canary Islands make available to you when it comes to holidays that are active and based in nature. This brand gathers together the commitment to quality of hotels, rural houses, hostels, restaurants, activity centres, museums and parks in the islands; all those which, like you, believe in an enjoyable form of tourism that is also sustainable.

Finca El Picacho Sello Volcanic Experience guarantees ist quality installations in the natural medium offering to the customer the possibility of enjoying the most traditional parties,the tranquility of the small villages, in contact with their people culture, gastronomy and crafts.


Seal Islas Canarias Volcanic Experience